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Quick Shopping

With superfast search feature, multi product search, multi lingual voice search and much more, Our Customer app is a class leading sofware in terms of faster checkout.

Customer Friendly

Easy to use with clean UI and better categorization, Our customer App makes sure that customers will always prefer to come back and shop more.

Geo Fencing

Supermarket can control delivery area in Kms (Radius). This helps greatly in reducing invalid orders from customers living outside the serviceable area of the Supermarket.

Digital marketing

Along with software services, we also offer Digital Marketing plans to our clients. This helps in increasing the service awareness and brand awareness in the locality where the super market is operating.

Business Solutions

White Label

  • Own Branding
  • IOS App
  • Android App
  • SAAS Support
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Shared Platform

  • Customer Apps
  • Store App
  • Delivery App
  • Website Presence
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White label solution is only available for hyper markets or chain of super markets. The timeline for getting your white label app ready and available is 14 days.

The monthly subscription for each deployment will be Rs 2500/- upto an online turnover of 5 Lakhs. Once the online orders go above 5 Lakhs plus for 3 consecutive months, the monthly subscription will be Rs 5,000/-.

There are three levels of stock update based on your adaptability. First level is a manual stock update, second level is bulk update by dragging the stock file, and the third level is integrating our APIs to your POS for auto update.

Super Markets operating in shared platform will have low initial costs as they need not have to spend on whitelabelling charges. Their customers will be using the Spot-Pick customer app to connect with the Super Market. The app will automatically connect the customer to the nearest Super market opearting in the shared platform. Such Super Markets can convert themselves to a Whitelabel solution in future and can use their existing deployment.

Spot-Pick has Digital Marketing plans which can be opted by clients to increase service awareness and brand awareness. Charges for such campaigns depends on the content, medium and timespan of the campaigns.

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